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Tip Jar in Mossy Green

MOSSY GREEN Tip Jar..."Tips....Never Required. Always Appreciated."

The COIN BANK SURFACE is highly durable with a look an Show more d feel of STONE! Once you see and feel your item in person you'll realize the surface is crafted to withstand the test of time. The multi-step process using my custom paint recipe, plus a few more essential steps, results in a unique and beautiful accent for any room. Not too shiny. Not too dull. Just right!

The Quart-Size Coin Banks are 7” tall with a 2-1/2” mouth opening and 3-1/2” body and base width.

While the Coin Banks are a unique stand-alone gift, their 32-ounce capacity also makes them a terrific gift-giving container for candy, cookies or any other special treat the recipient favors. The inside of each jar is unchanged and therefore remains food safe.

Thanks for looking! ~ Susan
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