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DescriptionThe most convenient way to add a product with multiple images, directly from your desktop/smartphone.

Additional images can help to increase sales by giving Buyers more precise information about your product for sale. What you get? Add products and upload images directly from your desktop or smartphone. Up to 6 images to each product. BenefitsPossibility to upload products with multiple images directly to Inselly with further social network sharing option.

Adding additional images to any of your products (uploaded directly or through Instagram) will improve their appeal and as a result increase potential selling chances.

DescriptionBuyers are always looking for a professional, well-established online presence to shop with confidence and custom personalized domain name will deliver just that. Better exposure in search engines and branding (www.myshop.com is much easier to remember). No matter what the other benefits, using your own domain name is awesome. What you get? Easy and user friendly setup. Your own unique .com or any other domain for your shop. BenefitsGo beyond standard Inselly url and unleash your personality, user-friendly setup will allow you to connect your unique domain name and inselly.com/igusername will become something like bestshoparound.com instead of inselly.com/igusername

If you already have a domain go ahead and connect it to Inselly, otherwise you should join domain name owners club.

DescriptionBreak free from Marketplace limitations, create and add your own custom product categories for your varied merchandise.

Reward your Buyers with a seamless in-store navigation. What you get? Unlimited product categories. Easy and user-friendly in-store navigation for your customers. BenefitsBuyer’s time-saver. By creating your own product categories you’ll save your customers time which normally they would spend on scrolling through entire product list, custom product category will help them to navigate directly to the desired item.

Arranging your products into a custom categories will allow to you to monitor your stock more effectively.

DescriptionExpand your brand and create a unique online presence without losing all the benefits of being a part of the marketplace. What you get? Stand alone shop, free from logo and marketplace menus. Independence without losing marketplace customers. BenefitsStop worrying about losing your customers who decided to make a purchase from fellow marketplace Sellers.

URL/Link to your shop will now bring your customers directly to your Stand alone shop, free from marketplace logos and menus. At the same time your products will still be available for regular marketplace buyers in the relevant categories and show up in the search results. What could be possibly better?

DescriptionIn online business you are only as good as your feedback says you are. Build great reputation by adding Instagram visual feedbacks from your customers.

An ultimate social proof to grow your business! What you get? Display custom hashtagged images of your Instagram Buyer's right on your shop page. Best photos will appear on the first page of Inselly Marketplace. Image pre-moderation. BenefitsYou know what they say, there is no better review than your satisfied customer photo review.

Submit call-to-action posts in your social network accounts encouraging your customers to post their "customer satisfaction" images to Instagram and get excellent feedback, extra advertisement and virality. Image pre-moderation system will help you to control the visual feedbacks and prevent spam or abuse.

Description What you get? Benefits